A.I Assistants

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa are leading the way in A.I driven personal assistants. We are only just beginning, voice commands have come a long way but we still can’t rely on them to consistently capture exactly what we are saying, let alone what we want. Apple’s Siri is lagging behind when it comes to consumer

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People Trying To Disrupt Healthcare With A.I

Nat Turner of Flatiron is analyzing Oncology data using A.I and Machine Learning to help cancer patients and doctors with better treatments. Flatiron is acquired by Swiss Pharma company Roche today. Jes Grewal of CareSkore is helping doctors (Providers) better manage patient health (Population Management) through predictive analytics. William King of ZephyrHealth is helping research

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A.I Company Spotlight: Valossa

valossa.com Analyze video and identify inappropriate content automatically using A.I. This is great tool tag and create rich metadata for videos. As the world creates and consumes more and more video, the video ecosystem is becoming amazingly simpler, all the way from creating videos to editing, post processing and publishing. Some of the key applications

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People On The Move: Ryan Murphy Heads To Netflix From Fox

Murphy was born on November 30, 1965, in Indianapolis, Indiana,[1] where he was raised in an Irish Catholic family.[2][3] He attended Catholic school from first through eighth grade,[2] and graduated from Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. He has described his mother J. Andy Murphy as a “beauty queen who left it all to stay at home and take care of her two sons”. She