Amazon Might Reward You To Watch Product Ads

Amazon filed for a patent for “content-based price reductions and incentives“.  Here is the abstract of their filing

“Customers in an electronic environment can be presented with the option to receive advertising, such as audio, video, or interactive content, in order to receive discounted pricing or similar benefits. In one embodiment, a customer can select to watch a video advertisement on a detail page for an item, and the displayed price for the item will be shown to decrease as the customer continues to watch the video. Such an approach enables the provider to obtain additional revenue from the advertisement, which can offset any loss or reduction in price of the item. Revenue can be generated in other ways using these ads, such as by displaying advertisements that will enable a customer to obtain lower prices on other items, such as accessories or services relating to an item that is determined to be of little or no profit for the provider.”

Are Rewarded Ads the future of Advertising?

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