How Did Netflix Go From DVD Rentals To Becoming The Hottest Media Company On The Planet – Part 1 of 3

 1997 – Reed Hastings, pictured, and Marc Rudolph, two software engineers, founded Netflix in 1997 to use the Internet to rent movies on DVD, then a new format. (An old, discredited story claims that Hastings had the idea after Blockbuster charged him a $40 late fee for “Apollo 13.”) Rudolph left in 2002.
2006 – Netflix also broadcast a fourth season of “Arrested Development,” the Fox series that went off the air in 2006. The Netflix season, which premiered May 26, 2013, is 15 episodes and — if anything — even more intricate than the original network run.
2015 – More Netflix Originals, Narcos, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
2016 – Many Comedy Specials and Originals including Luke Cage, The Crown, Stranger Things, Fuller House
2017 – More Originals, Chef’s Table, Grace & Frankie, Ingobernable
And that’s how Netflix went from a DVD rental company to Media Powerhouse. However, there are 2 most important things that we haven’t really looked at yet that made all the difference in the world for Netflix, 1. Culture 2. Technology. Netflix developed a unique culture that is ingrained in their interviewing process to developing products. Netflix took advantage of hardcore software and hardware engineering capabilities that many Broadcasters lack, including better codecs, content delivery networks built from scratch to offer the best video playback experience and extraordinarily simple user experience (UX) designs on all of their apps.
More in Part 2…
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