Rewarded Ads, Lessons from Mobile Games

What are rewarded Ads?

Ads that offer rewards to the consumer in terms of digital goods i.e. wifi, in-app coins etc

How are mobile games taking advantage of rewarded Ads?

Mobile games offer in-app purchased for real money ($$). Alternatively, they offer discounts to users for in-app items i.e. new life, new character, new level etc, if they are willing to watch a video Ad. For example,

Who are the top Ad tech vendors of rewarded video Ads?

How can I use rewarded Ads in my mobile app?

There are many ad tech companies offering rewarded Ads functionality, e.g. Unity Ads, AdColony etc. In order to enabled rewarded ads in your mobile app, you need to first sign up for this service with one of these vendors. Once you signup, you will be able to download their SDK, integrate it into your app, show rewarded ads, generate additional revenues, better engagement and track the effectiveness of the rewarded ads, many vendors provide detailed analytics.

Good luck rewarding your users for their good behavior!


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