Top 5 Reasons Why A.I Is More Important Than Electricity or Fire

Before Fire

Before fire was discovered, humans ate raw foods (1. Food), suffered cold weather conditions (2. Travel, Real Estate) and showered fewer times and fewer minutes (3. Water). Before fire, humans  transported themselves by foot, animals and carriages (4. Transportation). Before fire, humans got eaten by predators as there was no way to guard agains them (5. Security). Before fire, humans couldn’t see in the dark (Ability to see) so on sunset, they retired into their caves and locked themselves up so that they can wake up alive the next morning.

Before Electricity

Before Electricity was invented, humans used fire to cook foods, fire to keep themselves warm and showered a bit longer with hot water. Before electricity, humans transported themselves by steam engines and other mechanisms that could convert potential energy into kinetic energy e.g. steam, coal, again using fire.

Before A.I

Before A.I, humans used electricity to cook foods, electricity to keep themselves warm, transported themselves by driving electric cars and employed their locomotive skills, fine sense of direction and memory. Before A.I, humans took care of their health reactively by addressing a problem, many times too late, before electricity, sales and marketing professionals went “door to door” to prospects and hoped that somebody would buy their products instead of letting A.I identify the perfect customers for the products.


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