Rewarded Ads, Lessons from Mobile Games

What are rewarded Ads? Ads that offer rewards to the consumer in terms of digital goods i.e. wifi, in-app coins etc How are mobile games taking advantage of rewarded Ads? Mobile games offer in-app purchased for real money ($$). Alternatively, they offer discounts to users for in-app items i.e. new life, new character, new level

Streaming Video Winners And Losers 2017

Who is winning the streaming video wars and who is losing? According a recent Gartner report Total SVOD market was $18.7 billion in 2017, an increase of 28 percent from 2016. Netflix forecasts  revenues for 2017 around $11B, capturing ~60% of this market. Hulu has ~8%, HBO ~2%. Amazon doesn’t charge for SVOD separately, it’s

Most Watched Shows On Netflix In 2017

Here are the official stats from Netflix on the most “devoured” shows on Netflix in 2017, users watched more than 2 hours a day of the following shows American Vandal 3% 13 Reasons Why Anne with an E Riverdale Ingobernable Travelers The Keepers The OA The Confession Tapes American Vandal, the #1 show, produced

Product management by solving a problem

Solving a problem and keeping everyone focused on the fundamental questions of What problem are we solving? Is this product going to be the best solution to solve this problem? Do we have the right people to solve this problem? Can this product be the category leader in solving this problem? Getting the team to

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