A.I Company Spotlight: Valossa


Analyze video and identify inappropriate content automatically using A.I. This is great tool tag and create rich metadata for videos. As the world creates and consumes more and more video, the video ecosystem is becoming amazingly simpler, all the way from creating videos to editing, post processing and publishing. Some of the key applications of this technology is far better personalization, identifying and possibly removing extremist content before it goes live (which has serious implications on the Ad $$$ as we have seen recently with many brands pulling their Ads out of Youtube due to “bad” videos next to their Ads).

Other applications of this A.I technology are better and faster search on products, movies, tv shows. Quickly identify what is most important in a video, like an abstract/excerpt for a written article, we could start seeing video excerpts (previews) created automatically from the best parts of the video that is tailored to the person watching it, and this can be different for different people. Some of this Netflix already does today, it will only get better and hook us into binging more on Netflix.

Valossa is a Finnish company with offices in Finland and New York. Valossa is the brainchild of people from theĀ AI labs at the University of Oulu.

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