AI Is Like Sex In High School, Everyone Knows and Talks About It But Nobody Knows How To Do It

Today AI is disrupting our lives, it’s in Alexa, Google Home, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Flatiron, Zillow, Memphis Meats. There is no going back, AI is here to stay and help humans lead better lives. The problem however is, nobody understands what AI is let alone how it is going to completely upgrade/downgrade our lives, a lot depends on how quickly we educate ourselves, our children and our society on its potential impact. Let’s face it, there is no point fighting this force, it’s already happening and it’s as powerful as Gravity, more important than Internet, Electricity and Sliced Bread, all together. The real question is how do we tame this beast and use it to solve humanity’s problems. How do we create tools and technologies that can advance our understanding of AI as a whole, as humanity and enjoy the benefits of AI in every walk of life.

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