People Trying To Disrupt Healthcare With A.I

Nat Turner of Flatiron is analyzing Oncology data using A.I and Machine Learning to help cancer patients and doctors with better treatments. Flatiron is acquired by Swiss Pharma company Roche today.

Jes Grewal of CareSkore is helping doctors (Providers) better manage patient health (Population Management) through predictive analytics.

William King of ZephyrHealth is helping research companies to speed up their lab trials and bring their therapies to market faster by using machine learning on data.

Dean Sawyer of Sentrian wants to eliminate all preventable hospital admissions through remote patient monitoring and machine learning.

Megan Klimen of 3Scan wants to eliminate some drudgery for drug researchers who have been stuck using manual processes for tissue analysis.

Jun Wang and Yingrui Li of iCarbonX want iCarbonX to be the GPS of your wellbeing, they are collecting personal data about your health, fitness, eating habits, sleeping habits, purchasing habits and looking at you holistically to help you navigate your health life.


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