What’s A.I Doing In Design?

Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I) relevant to design? Is design relevant to A.I? If so how, if not how not? a quandary for a novice in Design and A.I.

Steven Jobs said “Design is not what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works”. Steve Jobs makes a great point, a counterintuitive one but an insight nevertheless. If how it works is design then A.I can most definitely have an impact on it because A.I is about how things work, how to improve on how something works using lots and lots of data and “machine intuition”.

Image result for electricity .    Image result for match stick

Can design impact A.I, is it relevant to A.I? A.I is too complicated today but for it to become as powerful as electricity, it needs to be designed in such a way that it is as easy as switching on the light with a flip of a button, it can’t be like it is today, requiring Ph.Ds in data science. Do you think design can make a difference to A.I adoption and usefulness, I certainly think so. Imagine if we need to rub 2 stones together carefully in a controlled environment every time we want to make fire, fire would not be that widely used, would it? Similarly, if A.I needs to be used and widely adopted, it needs to be as easy as a lighter or at least a matchbox, that can create fire in a flick.

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